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About Us
  Multi Organics’ Manufacturing services comprises two business sectors of Contract Manufacturing & Custom Synthesis. It offers the global chemical industry world-class services related to research, development, scale-up and manufacturing of chemicals, intermediates, fine & specialty chemicals from research to commercial quantities.

Multi Organics is a leading contract manufacturing & custom synthesis company with a broad tool-box of capabilities and technologies. Our customer focused approach allows us to uniquely offer to our clients synergies between R&D, Scale-up, & Frugal Manufacturing skill-sets to enable the production of Intermediates and Specialty Chemicals for use in the Pharma, Agro, Electronic & the Colorant industries.

  Key to success
  • Multi Organics Contract & Custom Manufacturing combines:
  • Rich experience
  • A proven track record
  • Extensive technical expertise and technology platforms
  • Financial security
  • High quality
  • Dedicated professional project management to ensure that our customer’s projects are successfully completed on time, on budget and at the expected quality standard.

The Multi Organics Contract & Custom Manufacturing has three manufacturing facilities in 2 cities

We provide our clients with complete, but flexible development and manufacturing packages created through close interactive partnerships with our customers.

  Why Outsource with Multi Organics

There are several reasons why you should consider outsourcing the development and manufacture of your product:

  • Conserve cash by avoiding risky capital investments and eliminating long lead times to build & commission a new manufacturing facility by taking advantage of our multi-purpose facilities.
  • Improve flexibility and speed to market by focusing your resources on your core competences.
  • Access our R&D, our process development and low-cost manufacturing technologies.
  • Have a partner who is fully committed to custom manufacturing your product.
  Our Manufacturing Services comprises of the following activities
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Chemical Synthesis
  • Process Design Technologies
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management Assurance
  • SHE
  • Integrated Waste Management

Call us understand our capabilities in greater detail in the above areas


Our capabilities Include

  • Expertise in Hazardous and highly reactive chemicals
  • Sodium Cyanide, Thionyl Chloride - SOCl2, POCL3, Chloro Sulfonic Acid
  • Sulphonation (High Temperature & High Pressure)
  • Caustic Fusion (High Temperature & High Pressure)
  • Kolbe Schmidt Reaction / Carboxylation (High Temperature & High Pressure)
  • Chiral Synthesis
  • Hydrogenation
  • Cyanation
  • Esterification
  • Halogenation’s – Fluorination, Bromination & Chlorination
  • Reactions under special conditions
    - Low-temperature reactions (-10°C)
    - High-temperature reactions (+400°C)
    - High-pressure reactions (10–100 bar)
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